Panic Bars


Von Duprin 99, Sargent 80, Corbin Russwin ED5200


Marks M9900, Von Duprin 22, Sargent 30


Marks M8800, Adams Rite 8800, Falcon 1790


For the most part we like to match hardware in buildings, unless there is a product that will provide the same
amount of security/look for a more cost effective price, or that product currently in the building is difficult to get in a
timely fashion.

Breakdown of 2 Grade Tiers, regarding Panic Bar hardware.


We qualify two different kinds of Grade 1 Locks (American & Import). The heaviest duty Grade 1 locks are American Made. These locks are constructed with better metals in the chassis of the locks. These locks are recommended for higher use door and/or high vandalism/abused doors. The Import are good for moderate to high use and moderate abuse. (Daily Uses American - 150+ per day, Import - 75-150 per day)
Grade 1 Hardware
Grade 1 not only meets commercial building requirements, it also provides the best security
available against vandalism and heavy usage.


Similar to Grade 1 we have a two qualifications (American & Import). The quality difference is not as noticable between the these two. The grade two are generally used for interior doors making the vandalism part not as much as a factor. (Daily uses 1-75 per day)
Grade 2 Hardware
Grade 2 meets light commercial requirements and exceeds residential building requirements.
These locks are adequate for lighter duty doors where security is less of an issue. They will stop unauthorized
personnel from walking through the door, but will have less of an effect on deliberate force than Grade 1 products.


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