Lainey Blancher

Lainey Blancher

In-Shop Locksmith / Administrative Assistant

Lainey has been with ESLS since 2013, starting out as an office assistant. She was eager to learn more of the locksmith profession, and is now one of the primary in-shop locksmiths. One of her main responsibilities at ESLS is the programming for transponder-equipped vehicles. She received her BS degree from UO in Business Administration in 2018. Outside of work, Lainey enjoys spending time with her family and friends and going on day trips to various places in Oregon. She likes fitness-related activities, going to the movies, and going on a hike any chance she gets.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go?
– I would love to go to Ireland someday, and go to Germany where my dad was stationed in the Air Force.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
– I would probably want to be a dog, because they get to do pretty much what I already do, Spend time outside, or have lazy days inside.

Where is your favorite place In Oregon?
– I think my favorite place in Oregon is Honeyman because I love to go camping there.


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